Charlestown was rescued on 20th November 2017
Charlestown, 5 weeks old male seal pup, was rescued on 20th November 2017 from Towan beach in Newquay.

Although this pup has an upper respiratory infection and malnourish, the next day he had started to show an interest in fish and to feed for himself! (you may see the chewed fish in front of pup in this photo!) He is very snotty and will need some antibiotics to help clear the infection.

Update - 28th November 2017 : Charlestown is now feeling better and off medication but still in isolation waiting for space in the main hospital.

Update - 7th December 2017 : Charlestown is in the hospital and has developed an ulcer in his eye which the Animal Care team are closely monitoring with the vet. He is receiving eye drops 5-6 times a day and also on antibiotics.
Update - 14th December 2017 : The vet is still monitoring Charlestown´s eye and is hopeful that he will not require surgery. The Animal Care team are giving him medication and eye drops 6 times a day!
Charlestown Update - 31st December 2017 : Charlestown is currently in the hospital pen number 3.

Charlestown´s flipper ID tag number is 330 (green).

Click here to see a larger version of this photo was taken on 30th December 2017.
Update - 25th February 2018 : Charlestown is in the rehabilitation pool and will be released back to the wild shortly.

This photo was taken on 23rd February 2018, click here to see a larger version of this.
Rehab pool
Charlestown Update - 28th March 2018 : Here is a photo of Charlestown in the rehab pool just before he was released back into the wild on 26th March 2018.

Charlestown weighed 34kgs on 20th March 2018.
Charlestown along with Alfred, Grambler, Warleggan, Ted and Crofty were all released at Porthtowan Beach on 26th March 2018. The planned release is a major operation involving several members of the Sanctuary team. The rehabilitation pool was drained, and then each pup was herded into a cage and then transferred to a trailer which was then driven onto the beach to be safely released.

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charlestown released back to the wild on 26th March 2018