Captain was rescued on 4th October 2017
Captain, 4-5 days old male white coat seal pup, was rescued on 4th October 2017 from Hollywell Bay in Newquay by members of the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) team.

This pup had been monitored for several hours to check to see whether there was a mother returning to feed him but unfortunately no mother was observed.

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Update - 22nd October 2017 : Captain was moved down to the outside nursery pool on 15th October 2017 with two other seal pups Drake and Agatha. They are learning how to compete for fish during feeding time.

Update - 30th October 2017 : Captain is still in the nursery pool with Agatha. He is eating so well that the Animal Care Team are hoping he can teach Agatha a thing or two! He needs to gain a bit more weight before moving to the Convalescent Pool!
Captain Update - 1st January 2018 : Captain is currently in the convalescent pool for his final stage of rehabilitation before he is released back into the wild soon.

Captain´s flipper tag number is 312 (green).

Click here to see a larger version of this photo taken on 30th December 2017.

Update - 10th January 2018 : Captain along with Agatha, Verity, Demelza, Jinny and Grace were released back to the wild on 7th January 2018 at Gunwalloe.