Agatha was rescued on 21st September 2017
Agatha, 2 weeks old partly white coat female seal pup, was found by members of the public Dan and Tracy on 21st September 2017 on a beach in St Ives Bay. Their swift action calling British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) made a rescue possible. This pup was very malnourished. Weighed 10kgs.

The pup was transported by the BDMLR to the Cornish Seal Sanctuary for care and rehabilitation.
Agatha Sue Sayer of the Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust (CSGRT) was first responder.

She said "the pup was so skinny and gave me such a hard time wriggling inside its skin and rolling over, despite all my best efforts to calm her whilst waiting (for what seemed like ages) for the seal bag to arrive with Marion and Lesley from the BDMLR team! My coat was absolutely hopeless for restraining her."
"I had to act so fast as 10 to 30 seconds later she would have been washed off her rock by the incoming tide. It was such a tough spot right out on low tide boulders.

It was really lucky that Dan who found Agatha had followed me as I could not restrain and lift the pup without help. Then the pup (having already performed several death rolls) finally got my arm and I knew the next stop was the doctors for antibiotics!"

Photos right and above credit: BDMLR/CSGRT
Agatha Update - 2nd October 2017 : Agatha will spend a few more weeks in the seal hospital before being moved to the outside nursery pool for her next stage of rehabilitation.

As you can see from the photo of Agatha (left) taken on 1st October 2017, she has lost her white coat and is slowly putting weight on.
Update - 8th October 2017 : Agatha is still in the isolation pen of the hospital. She currently weighs 13.5kgs.

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Update - 30th October 2017 : Agatha was moved down to the outside nursery pool on 14th October 2017 with two other seal pups Drake and Captain to learn how to compete for fish during feeding time.

At the moment Captain is showing Agatha the best way to eat fish.

Agatha´s flipper tag number is 309 (green).
Update - 1st January 2018 : This photo of Agatha was taken on 30th December 2017 in the convalescent pool for her final stage of rehabilitation before she is released back to the wild soon.

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Update - 10th January 2018 : Agatha along with Verity, Captain, Demelza, Jinny and Grace were released back to the wild on 7th January 2018 at Gunwalloe.