Agadoo was rescued on 8th December 2018
Agadoo, 6-8 weeks old female seal pup, was rescued on 8th December 2018 from Porthminster beach St Ives by Alex and Tamara, members of staff at the seal sanctuary.

This pup was found malnourished, had a high temperature, minor ulcerations in both eyes and puncture wounds to her rear flippers.

Photo Credit: Asa Samuel
Agadoo - Photo Credit Asa Samuel

Agadoo Update - 29th December 2018 : Agadoo is now in the nursery pool for her next stage of rehabilitation and to learn how to compete for fish with other seals.

This photo was taken on 28th December 2018, click here to see a larger version.

Agadoo´s flipper tag ID number is 335 (red).
Update - 14th February 2019 : Agadoo was released back into the wild at Dollar Cove on 11th February 2019 along with Roger Rabbit, Purple Rain, Wet Wet Wet, Ra Ra and Shirley. Seal Release - 11th February 2019