Asian Short-Clawed Otters

DID YOU KNOW?.......
Otters are mustelids - the same family as weasels, badgers and skunks!
Protection of native otters since the 1980's has enabled them to bounce back from
drastic population declines in many parts of the UK.
The South-West is a stronghold area for native otters, but even here,
many otters are killed each year on our roads.
The Asian Short-Clawed Otter is the smallest otter species - only about the size of a domestic cat.
The largest otter is the giant South American otter, which may be up to 10 times heavier!
Otters have a double protection against the elements - thick underfur keeps the warmth in, and long guard hairs keeps water out.
Although Asian Short-Clawed Otters are not the best swimmers amongst otters,
they are still good enough to be used by Asian fisherman to help catch fish!
Asian Short-Clawed Otters are extremely social and vocal,
living in large family groups and communicating with 12 or more call types.
Asian Short-Clawed Otters eat a lot of different foods in the wild,
including crabs, snails, crayfish, clams, frogs and small fish.
The dextrous, sensitive front paws of Asian short-clawed otters are used to rummage
for prey in mud and shallow water and even to juggle their food!
Although many otter species can be found in coastal habitats,
only the Pacific Sea Otter Enhydra lutris is a true marine mammal, 365 days a year!
Wild otters are threatened by many human activities,
especially those that destroy habitat and pollute the environment.