The National Seal Sanctuary

[Pup in Hospital pool] Last year, over 40 Grey Seal pups were rescued from near certain death and brought to the Sanctuary, where they were cared for until they were fit to be released back into the wild.

Seal pups can usually be seen being cared for in our fully equipped hospital between the months of September and February.

The story of Seal rescue and release begins in our audio visual interpretation area, and continues throughout our Seal hospital,

where much of our valuable rehabilitation work takes place. This specially equipped facility is staffed by a dedicated team of experts,

who provide round the clock care and attention to the many sick and injured Seal pups which arrive each year.
Chris in one of the hospital pools When the Pups are admitted to the hospital, they are tube or bottle fed, and then slowly taught to eat

small whole fish. Here is a pup, in one of the pools in the hospital.

When the pups are eating and putting on weight they are moved to the Nursery pools where they will meet other pups

and start to learn to fight for their food. This learning cycle continues in the Convalescence pool

where they have to compete with Adult Seals as well as other pups, obtaining the skills necessary to ensure their survival

when they are finally returned to the sea.

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